Olive + Paix Shipping Warranty

Olive and Paix offers a shipping warranty on all purchases (if selected at checkout) so our customers feel good about shipping their items. This warranty applies to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable.

Rest assured that your goods are covered! With the Shipping Warranty, your order is protected from being lost, stolen, damaged or shipped incorrectly. The cost is just $0.98 and your entire order is covered.


SECTION 1 - What is covered by the Olive + Paix Shipping Warranty?

If your order is damaged upon arrival, lost in transit, stolen after being marked delivered, or never arrives at all, our Olive + Paix Shipping Warranty guarantees a replacement. In the event that the item is no longer in-stock we will issue a refund for that item.

SECTION 2 - How do I add the Olive + Paix Shipping Warranty to my order?

When you are in your cart at checkout, simply select the $0.98 to add this Shipping Warranty to your order, to guarantee that your purchase is protected and kept safe from all events that are out of your control.

SECTION 3 - How do I use my Olive + Paix Shipping Warranty?

Simply email hello@oliveandpaix.com with your order number and issue! Our team will take care of you! If you received a damaged item, please include a photo of the damage so we can get it taken care of right away.

SECTION 4 - How long will it take to get my replacement or refund?

Once our team has confirmed your Shipping Warranty, either your replacement will ship immediately or we will issue a refund if the item is not available. Standard shipping times apply.


SECTION 5 - How long do I wait to email?

If you received a damaged product, you must email a photo of the damage within7 days of receiving your package.

If your package did not arrive, but was marked delivered, email us in 4 days to issue a replacement.

If your package is still in transit, email us in 4 weeks for domestic orders, 8 weeks for international orders.

The Olive + Paix Shipping Warranty is powered by Guardia One.